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Our Story

PlusVibes is a unique platform that integrates local mental health associations and qualified listeners in a platform that promotes self-development and motivation. We aspire to be an all-in one platform for mental health and well-being whether its to get advice and motivation by chatting, reading, watching videos or even through meditation. 


Our focus is to assist those who prefer to seek assistance or preliminary advice through chatting. Our goal is to help those whose needs are not yet urgent, and who just need some motivation and support during low points in their lives. We all go through tough days and sometimes we just need a support system or a shoulder to lean on.

The features in the PlusVibes mobile app are unique as there are motivational content relating to family, finances, physical health, leadership, self-love and others. The chat feature connects you to a person you can chat with, for free, and anonymously!

The mobile app is available for download on the App Store and Google Playstore. 

Founder's Message

Your mental health influences who you are as a person and how you react to life. It affects your physical health, your productivity and your ability to live a happy and fulfilling life.


Mental health is an area that I keep close to my heart as I seem to believe that having a stable mental health is in fact a privilege and not everyone is blessed in such way. This is based on my own experience and those who I've come across that were not brought up in safe environments and were surrounded with negativity. As a result, they see the world in an unfair and dark light.

People become a product of their environment, however, I do believe that we have the choice to choose to either succumb to negative vibes or choose to develop and harness a positive mindset.

Oftentimes we get lost, sad and demotivated as we tend to compare our lives to others. We all bottle things up to show that we're strong. But I believe that if we have a strong support and motivation system in place, we won't feel the burden as much - which is why PlusVibes was developed.


While it may be more challenging for some, I really do hope that people do not give up and take the time to care about their mental health. Don't pressure yourself trying to follow the same steps as others. Remember that you have your own path to success and there is no recipe that works for everyone. We all have a different exam paper in life, so take care of yourself first, everything else comes second! 

About Founder

Having been raised overseas, Madiha Fuad (Maddy) returned to Malaysia at the age of 20 to reconnect with her origins. She earned an MBA with a High Achievement Scholarship, followed by a PhD in Business with a Vice-Chancellor Scholarship.


Maddy started her career as a business journalist for 3 years at The Edge Newspaper which connected her to many business leaders. This exciting experience inspired her to start her own business.


Her entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 24 when she collaborated with friends to venture into several outlets in the F&B industry. This successful venture led to her starting up an investment company partnering with talents in various fields including fashion, interior design, graphic design and most recently, software development.


Although her long-term vision is to implement her PhD findings and focus on educational reform, her passion in mental health began when her health was drastically deteriorating due to nerve complications. It was during this moment where she sourced for measures that could alleviate her depression without having to leave home.


Realising that many struggle silently due to the inability to reach out for help, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, PlusVibes was developed to improve accessibility and allow people to seek assistance anonymously. 


Maddy's journey to where she is today is full of thorns and thistles, yet she manages to stay positive along the way. Her mission is to empower others to get through their rough chapters.


The PlusVibes app was born through input from psychiatrists, doctors, mental health counselors and those facing mental health challenges. PlusVibes partners with corporate companies and universities in identifying and mitigating mental health issues in their organisation.

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Don't know who to reach out to? We've compiled a directory of many local organisations who are ready to provide assistance! 

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