Co Workers
Co Workers

Take Care Of Your Employees

Your employees are the backbone of your company. Ensuring their satisfaction and happiness is essential to increased productivity. However, oftentimes employees don't share their problems as they are concerned of the stigma and unfavourable treatment. 

At PlusVibes, we are offering companies and employees a win-win situation! Companies are able to gain insight on focus areas such as financial assistance, childcare, stress management, etc that their employees need assistance in. As for employees, they are able to seek advice anonymously while also focusing on their own self-improvement journey! 

Our Deliverables

Monthly data analytics

PlusVibes will provide you with monthly reports and insights on employee's focus areas and methods for improvements

self-improvement journey

PlusVibes' mobile app will curate a self-improvement journey for employees based on their interest and categories they would like to focus on

24/7 free chat with vibers

At PlusVibes, we have Vibers who are volunteer listeners that are always ready to lend an ear, providing your employee with 24/7 support and comfort

free trial sessions with professional


Reluctant to seek help? Our professional partners are providing free first time counselling sessions for PlusVibes' users

The Benefits

Our goal is to improve an individual’s mental health to ensure happiness, productivity as well as a positive personal journey.



Reaching out for help is the first step to improving one’s predicament. Seeking advice anonymously provides individuals with a safe and secure environment


Browsing through articles and videos related to your concerns and challenges motivates individuals to take action and find solutions

Stress Advice

Meditation is an exercise for the brain allowing you to rewire your brain to determine clarity


Bottling your issues can also be detrimental to your health. You need to let it out and talk to someone!


Reduce Cost

We aim to assist in reducing cost affected by absenteeism, staff turnover and employees working while mentally unwell

Increase Productivity

Support and motivation is important when dealing with stress and challenges. Having an outlet is bound to improve focus and efficiency

Improved Health

Healthy employees have a positive impact on an organisation’s working environment and overall sustainability

Employee Satisfaction

Employees are the backbone of a company. Taking care of their well-being is crucial as it will make them feel appreciated 

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User Feedback

Thank you..I really need to hear those advises, thank you for not judging me, and making me feel like what I feel is valid, appreciate it ❤


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