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PlusVibes Foundation

PlusVibes Foundation's goal is to support and develop the PlusVibes' mobile app. Our aim is to ensure that the app remains free for everyone who is looking for motivation or needs a shoulder to lean on.

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Free Platform 

PlusVibes - Support & Motivate is available on the App Store and Google Playstore for free. Users are able to access motivational articles and videos, chat with Vibers and partake in relaxation activities. 

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Free Chats with Vibers

Users are able to chat with our Vibers who are volunteer listeners. The uniqueness of this chat feature is that users are anonymous and can seek support freely without being worried about the stigma or embarrassment. 

Therapy Session

Free First Time Counselling

Never been to counselling but want to give it shot? Get in touch with us and we'll share free first time counselling sessions organised by reliable associations, NGOs and mental health clinics. 

What We Provide


Incentives To Volunteer Listeners

Our Vibers are volunteer listeners who take the time and effort to comfort the users on PlusVibes whenever they get the chance by attending to their chats. Our dream is to be able to incentivise listeners who are specifically on-call for the night shift.

App Screens

Developing New App Features

Our goal is to continuously develop new features that will enhance the user's self-development journey. We want to truly create a one-stop centre for motivation and online therapy. 

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Creating Awareness

Creating awareness that we are a free support and motivation mobile app will help many people. We aspire to reach out to everyone, especially the young generation who are increasing faced with societal pressure.

What We Hope To Achieve