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What is MRP?

Mental Resilience Programme

Mental health coping mechanisms and techniques are not easily accessible to the public due to accessibility and financial constraints. There is a need to provide this workshop to the public in order to improve productivity of individuals.

Providing mental health workshops to the public will create a mentally resilient and healthy society. Participants will be equipped with techniques to assist them in their daily lives. Understanding how mental health affects physical health is important. This is expected to reduce the risk of developing anxiety, depression and severe stress that can impact productivity and happiness levels. 

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Delivery of modules will be geared towards audience level

MRP Method

Breaking Down Barriers, Improving Outcomes

The workshop will be conducted through theory and activity-based learning to ensure participants are actively involved in the learning process.


Each topic will be split into 2 parts;

i.    Informative Talk

ii.   Interactive learning involving group activities, quizzes, games, roleplays, demonstration of techniques


This workshop will be executed as such in order for participants to be able to improve their knowledge and have the ability to apply the techniques to overcome certain issues in their daily lives. 


The delivery of modules will be geared towards the audience level. Every workshop has a capacity of up to 35 participants per session.

  • Monthly Workshop

  • 7 Hours a Day

  • 4 topics and 1 hour guided meditation 

  • Theory and Activity-Based Learning

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Workshop Modules

Shifting To The
New Working Norm

Equipping employees on ways to
adapt to working in both in-office
and remote settings while
practicing work-life balance

Skill Identification To
Improve Personal 

Identifying one's skills to determine strengths and weaknesses to focus on areas where one can excel in their career

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Reframing Your Mind For
A Positive Mental Attitude

Focused on anger management,overcoming stress and anxiety,practicing mindfulness to better handle uncertainties

Emotional Expression &
Control To Overcome Stress

Acquiring techniques on how to understand and empathise others, promoting a better working environment

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Managing Conflict
With Emotional Intelligence

Understanding oneself, being self-reliant, reflecting on one’s actions and equipping oneself with valuable soft skills

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Virtual Communication
& Listening Skills

Isolation is causing communication barriers among colleagues, understanding how to communicate effectively is vital to determine effective task execution

Delivery of modules will be geared towards audience level