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Transforming Mental Healthcare With
Positive Vibes

Download PlusVibes App today and access free resources to help ensure you feel supported and cared for
About PlusVibes

Malaysia’s first Support and Motivation app platform that provides a non-intrusive approach with over 20,000 downloads and thousands of positive reviews in just a year!


We embark on a unique approach where mental health support and motivation is immediate! You no longer have to book an appointment or be part of a waiting list!

Our Vision

To provide accessible and affordable mental health assistance

Our Mission

To make mental healthcare as accessible as physical as health care.

Core Values

Private & Secure to protect our users’ data and confidentiality

PlusVibes' Offerings

Application Support

FREE unlimited support and motivational content with instant chat acceptance while remaining


Assistance Programme

Premium access for employees and comprehensive data report covering company main areas of concern

PlusVibes Self Care

Elevating self love through PlusVibes’ latest self care collection with therapeutic essence 

About Our Founder


Madiha Fuad (Maddy) aspires to transform the education landscape in Malaysia, starting with the need of mental health awareness and workshops for the public, employees and students. She often conducts talks for corporate companies, universities and is frequently invited for TV appearances.


She had earned an MBA with a High Achiever Scholarship, and is currently on her final semester pursuing a PhD in Business.


Maddy started her career as a business journalist for the first three years at The Edge Newspaper, then founded herself in different business ventures such as F&B, interior design, fashion and most recently, software development.

Charity Programme

These past years have been tough on everyone around the world. In the spirit of #KitaJagaKita, PlusVibes joined a community movement to help lessen the burden of Malaysians all around the country.

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