Uniqueness of PlusVibes' Mobile App

The PlusVibes mobile app is unique as it is a free application that connects you to mental health assistance and support. You can remain completely anonymous while seeking advice or motivation.


There is motivational content relating to family, finance, physical health, leadership, self-love, and many more. The chat feature connects you to a person you can chat with for FREE and anonymously! While the relaxation activities can act as a quick go-to stress relief. 


Our goal is to help those who have not reached a critical stage of mental illness, however, need motivation and support during low chapters in their lives. We all go through tough days, and sometimes we just need a support system or a shoulder to lean on.

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Employee Engagement


Anonymity & Confidentiality


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Main Area of Concerns

Application Features

Wheel of Life

Our personal monthly assessment of your life satisfaction and view a visual representation of all areas in your life allow you to identify focus areas for improvement.


Need Someone To Talk To?

Anonymously chat and seek advice from various professional and trusted organizations. Or are you just looking for someone to lend an ear to? We've got our team of volunteered listeners to comfort you!


Get Inspired and Motivated

Browse various videos and articles to motivate you and find ways to overcome your challenges


Relaxation Activities

Sometimes you just need to sit back and relax. We have curated activities such as breathing exercises, yoga and peaceful soundtracks. These short activities will go a long way in manifesting inner peace



Yen Yen
" This is superb. When talking to someone, I don't feel like I'm talking to a robot. Some of it is like talking to AI or robot making me feel like it's not really understanding the problem that I'm facing. Good job and thank you for this wonderful app. 👏👏👏 "