In order to truly make a difference, we have shared our story with various media platforms. Our goal is to spread positive vibes and develop a mentally resilient society! These media coverage share some of our journey.


29 July 2021

Why is Madiha Fuad a WonderWoman?

" Hats off to Madiha for her goodwill and outreach to make the minds of people better day-by-day through the various programmes lined up through this application."


5 July 2021

PlusVibes' Kempen Bendera Putih

" Menawarkan bantuan bekalan makanan asas kepada keluarga memerlukan. Mereka yang memerlukan bantuan atau ingin menderma wang "


8 Nov 2020

PlusVibes: Madiha Fuad on founding first all-in-one mental health app to relieve emotional stress


19 Jan 2021

Need To Talk To Someone? PlusVibes Allows You To Do So Anonymously And For Free

Opening up to your family and friends can be discouraging if they don’t understand you, judge you, or provide you with biased feedback. Therapy doesn’t fit into everyone’s budget or schedule, and many are afraid to seek help.


8 Jun 2021

Aplikasi PlusVibes jadi pilihan pengguna berkongsi masalah tekanan hidup


8 Nov 2020

Bernama Radio - Ejen Sosial

Program : Ejen Sosial

Keberkesanan Luahan Digital


24 Nov 2020

Kongsi masalah dengan PlusVibes

Gagal meluahkan apa terbuku di hati menyebabkan seseorang individu itu mengalami tekanan atau stres yang boleh memberi kesan negatif di dalam diri.


21 Nov 2020

The PlusVibes app is on a mission to uplift your mood

PlusVibes - offers an avenue for the public to seek advice anonymously when dealing with psychological pressures or motivations to get through the day.

Selamat Malam Malaysia Madiha Maddy

4 Jan 2021

RTM: Selamat Malam Malaysia

Tenang Di Tahun Baru Bersama PlusVibes

Madiha Fuad Fresh Brew.jpeg

24 Nov 2020

RTM: Fresh Brew

Madiha Fuad sharing how PlusVibes mobile application can assist those who struggle to seek mental health assistance.


21 Nov 2020

PlusVibes: Malaysia’s first all-in-one mental health and well-being application to launch

Maintaining good mental health is important, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Mobile platform PlusVibes was thus established to break cultural perspectives and stigma concerning mental health.

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