First All-in-One Platform for Mental Health and Well-Being

PlusVibes is a mobile application that integrates mental health associations, qualified listeners and motivational content. Our aim is to provide an avenue for people who want to reach out for advice anonymously or are simply looking for motivation.

Tired of searching for motivational content? The platform curates interesting articles, videos and relaxation activities that will inspire you!  


Our Goal Is To Create A Community That Understands and Empowers One Another

Let’s work towards a positive mental health and well-being journey!



We’re connecting you to trusted NGOs and associations advocating for Mental Health

Got a problem but don't know who to reach out to? We provide a local directory that has associations from various categories.


You are only one chat away from seeking advice and we guarantee that you will remain anonymous!


Talk about your stress

You’re not alone, our volunteers from trusted associations and NGOs are always here to lend an ear!

Financial Advice

Relationship Advice

Stress Advice

Childcare Advice

Health Advice

Talk To Someone


Personal Assessment

Assess your life satisfaction and view a visual representation of all areas in your life that allows you to identify focus areas


Need someone to talk to?

Anonymously chat and seek advice from various professional and trusted organisations. Or are you just looking for someone to lend an ear? We've got our team of volunteered listeners to comfort you!


Get inspired and Motivated

Browse various videos and articles to motivate you and find ways to overcome your challenges


Relaxation Activities

Sometimes you just need to sit back and relax. We have curated activities such as breathing exercises, yoga and peaceful soundtracks. These short activities will go a long way in manifesting inner peace


Personalising Your Journey


Motivational video and articles

Do you lack direction, have bad habits, unhealthy relationships, and a mindset that has prevented you from achieving success? Well, these inspirational videos can help. They don’t contain the answers – instead, they remind you of the deeper truths that you already know

Famous Speakers

Compiling the best content designed to uplift your mood


We are always on the look out for inspiring articles and videos in all categories

About Us

PlusVibes is a unique platform that integrates Malaysian mental health associations, volunteered listeners and campaigners in a platform that promotes self-development and motivation. We aspire to be an all-in one platform for mental health and well-being whether its to get advice and motivation by chatting, reading, watching videos or even through meditation. 

At PlusVibes, we are trying our best to continuously develop our platform to cater on-going mental health and well-being needs. Our team is made up of people from all walks of life who have been through their lowest points and identified solutions that would have helped them ease their journey. We understand that sharing problems can be sensitive, thats why we pride in ensuring anonymity. That way you can really get the advice you need!

We recognise that experiences make us unique and no one can truly understand what we are going through, but we are here to inspire, support, motivate and pass on some plus vibes so you have strength to face any kind of challenges. We honestly believe that everyone can reach their fullest potential if they have a support system and simply someone to talk to or look up to.


Unique Platform

PlusVibes is unrivalled, it’s the first of its kind that gathers resourceful content and services focused on mental health



Get advice through calls or chats with object-matter-experts (Associations / NGOs)



Explore different types of meditation programmes that focuses on user’s specific goals



Explore motivational videos and articles for self-improvement and self-awareness



Combines all mental health service providers from different categories in one app


Quick Access

Easy access to organisations that provide specific assistance



Being anonymous allows users to express and share their problems freely



Identify and track areas affecting mental health through a visual representation

The Benefits

Our goal is to improve an individual’s mental health to ensure happiness, productivity as well as a positive personal journey.



Reaching out for help is the first step to improving one’s predicament. Seeking advice anonymously provides individuals with a safe and secure environment


Browsing through articles and videos related to your concerns and challenges motivates individuals to take action and find solutions

Stress Advice

Meditation is an exercise for the brain allowing you to rewire your brain to determine clarity


Bottling your issues can also be detrimental to your health. You need to let it out and talk to someone!


Reduce Cost

We aim to assist in reducing cost affected by absenteeism, staff turnover and employees working while mentally unwell

Increase Productivity

Support and motivation is important when dealing with stress and challenges. Having an outlet is bound to improve focus and efficiency

Improved Health

Healthy employees have a positive impact on an organisation’s working environment and overall sustainability

Employee Satisfaction

Employees are the backbone of a company. Taking care of their well-being is crucial as it will make them feel appreciated 


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