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PlusVibes is a unique platform that integrates local mental health associations and qualified listeners to promote self-development and motivation. The features in the PlusVibes mobile app are unique as it incorporates a chat feature, a personalised journey as well as motivational and relaxation activities. The mobile app increases accessibility for individuals to reach out for advice or help while remaining anonymous. 

MRP Workshop

This workshop aims to tackle the mental health impact of the COVID-19 crisis on society. It is aimed to increase mental resilience to endure challenging times, develop valuable skills that can contribute to new job opportunities and enable a positive working or learning environment for both employees and students.

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PlusVibes provides an 24/7 mental health support. The platform integrates mental health associations, listeners, therapists, and motivational content.


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Identifying main areas of concern without pin-pointing specific individuals is crucial to examine root causes and develop a curated workshop. 


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Workshops are facilitated by subject matter experts and certified trainers with qualifications in their respective backgrounds.

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12 Nov 2020

First All-In-One Mental Health
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12 Nov 2020

Mental Health Issues Among Adolescents 


12 Nov 2020

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" This is superb. When talking to someone, I don't feel like I'm talking to a robot. Some of it is like talking to AI or robot making me feel like it's not really understanding the problem that I'm facing. Good job and thank you for this wonderful app. 👏👏👏 "

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