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  • How is PlusVibes helping those impacted by COVID-19?
    There are a lot of unknowns in the world right now. But one thing is certain, PlusVibes is here for you. To help support you through this crisis, we offer free access to all our motivational and relaxation activities, including chatting with our Vibers or buddies whenever you like.
  • Is the Mobile Application Free to use?
    For specific features like Chat with our listeners, Motivational and Relaxation content are free to use for everyone. For subscription plans, users are able to book a therapist, receive data analytics, and surveys to evaluate their mental health monthly.
  • What are Volunteer Listeners?
    PlusVibes provides free, 24/7 emotional support to thousands of people via online chat. We want to make sure nobody has to face their problems alone. Having a great listener like you can be all it takes to make a real difference.
  • Is it safe to chat with Plusvibes Volunteer Listeners?
    Don’t worry; all your chats will be anonymous, and all chats will be deleted within 24 hours for user privacy purposes. We are committed to ensuring our users feel safe and get all the support they need to get better.
  • Why can’t I install the PlusVibes App?
    PlusVibes’s mobile application is only available on the Apple store and Google Playstore. It is not applicable for Huawei or any other mobile phone that uses a different operating system than stated above.
  • What is a Mental Resilience Programme?
    Work is good for mental health, but a hostile working environment can lead to physical and psychological health problems. PlusVibes is committed to equip employees with mental health support through our workshop and identify your employees' issues through our mobile application.
  • What are the benefits of the workshops?
    Besides virtual workshops, We offer mobile application support that allows the employees to access professional therapists, surveys, and employee data analytics. Employees are able to access the free features in the mobile application as well.
  • How do I Book a Workshop session?
    To book your team’s slot or get more inquiries about the workshop, please email us at [email protected].
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