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PlusVibes' Hand Sanitizer isn't a regular sanitizer — it's an aromatherapy sanitizer.


Let us explain. As its name suggests, it doubles as a nourishing hand moiturizer infused with essential oils that will protect you from bacteria as well as lift up your mood.  


It also dries down almost instantly, so you don't have to worry about any greasy residue.


This hybrid, skin-loving formula is an essential product that is lightweight and easy to slip into your pockets or handbag. 


But most importantly, as the basis of PlusVibes is to contribute to the society!


15% of all PlusVibes' products go to our Foundation that does food donations and mental health awareness for orphanages. 


So don't forget to protect yourself and contribute to helping others too :)

Aromatherapy Hand Sanitizer - Peppermint

    • 75% Alcohol, Kills 99.99% germs
    • Crafted with pure essential oils
    • Protects and softens skin 

    Protect Skin Formulation, non-sticky with moisturizing ingredients to keep hands smooth, soft and protected while leaving a refreshing fragrance. 

    Ingredients: Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Essential Oil

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